ribbon-icon-sqWhat is it?

It is a program that avails you an opportunity to adopt a learning child from our disadvantaged schools and attempt to change their self-proclaimed low self-belief, inculcate an attitude of strong achievement and success, teach principles of gratitude and giving and become a sponsor for his/her education by providing for school fees for the annum, uniform, tutoring services and Read More

globe-icon-sqThe Facts

This program is started because we cannot turn a blind eye on what our children and youth is  faced with at schools because of impoverished situations at home. There are too many drop-outs, very low level of literacy and numeracy skills, increasing unemployment rates of parents, teenage pregnancies at primary and high schools, crime and much more. Our Department of Education is struggling, Read More

info-icon-sqHow to Help

All you have to do right now is to make a pledge, express your interest to be part of the program by contacting us with the details provided below or the contact form. Please make sure all your contact details are available such as cell number, work number, email address – both personal and home, home address. The Nankumntwana team will then be available to respond. Read More

Recent Events & Projects

We are currently working with social workers and caregivers that are employed and allocated to the two schools that we are working with.
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Nankumntwana Adopt a Learning Child is a Non-Profit Organization

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